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2020 Edelweiss Christmas Sunday

Today is the second Sunday in December -- traditionally the day we hold our Weihnachtsprogramm. This year, of course, we can't meet in person to celebrate with family and friends. We're all missing one another and also missing the "Stimmung" that our beautiful music program gives us during Advent. Musikwart Rick Michels and our musicians love putting a program together so much, though, that they have produced an awesome one for us to watch! We can thank Vorstand Erwin Rauschendorfer for his incredible work on pulling all the music and photos together so that we can still enjoy our beautiful traditions and music.  Here's the link to the hour-long video:

Vergelt's Gott to Erwin, Rick, our talented musicians, and all who had a hand in bringing us this joyful video.  To all of our members and friends: FROHE WEIHNACHTEN!  Stay strong and healthy -- we WILL be able to get together in 2021 and the reunion will be MEGA!  Bleibt gesund!