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Gaufest 2015 -- in a Nutshell

From our Vorplattler, Eric Walker:

As most of you know, the 25. Gaufest was held this past weekend in Milwaukee by S.V.E.V. D'Oberlandler. Here are some highlights from the Fest:

 - Members of our dance group competed in Einzel Preisplattln Friday morning.  All of them did a fantastic job!
 - Siasswasser Tanzlmusi played for everyone's listening and dancing pleasure on Friday evening after the Heimatabend program.
 - Edelweiss performed their Ehrentanz, the Sternpolka, in the first band break Friday night.
 - Saturday morning, our dance group entered a team into Gruppen Preisplattln for the first time in about 24 years. We got 9th place out of 20 competing groups. I am so very proud of our effort!
 - Sunday afternoon was filled with the music played by the Gauverband Nordamerika Gaukapelle which was formed by our own Rick Michels and hosts many of Edelweiss' musicians.

I want to congratulate all who participated in Preisplattln, both Einzel and Gruppen! We are very proud of our dancers and appreciate all of our musicians!

I would also like to extend my sincere gratitude to all who helped our group prepare for competition; musicians, alternates, dancers, friends, and our Verein.  We would not have been as successful as we were without each and every one of  you!!
Vergelt's Gott!!!