Our "New" Committee Members 

At our March 12 meeting, we swore in our committee members.  If it looks like there's not much difference from the previous committee, you'd be right!  Thank you to our members for their confidence in continuing in office. Besides the officer photo, we also took a photo with everyone who was at the meeting.  Aren't we a good-looking bunch?


Dance Practice & Meeting March 12 

Our first meeting at the new hall was great, wasn't it? Such a good turnout and everyone loved seeing our "new home."  Let's do it again!  Sunday, March 12, is our dance practice (12-2 pm) and club meeting (2-4 pm).  It's at the new GACC Hall at 40450 Hayes Rd, Clinton Twp, in the Amore Plaza just south of 18 Mile Road. 

Please bring your own drinks (soft or not) and snacks.  

We'll be swearing in the officers elected at our February meeting, so please wear Boarisch Gwand for the photo. We'll also take a group photo of ALL our members, so if you'd like to dress up a bit, please do!

See you there!


Road Trip!  Frühschoppen in Toledo 

Who goes to Toledo for brunch?  WE DO!  Why? Because of the delicious food--Weisswurst, soft pretzels, more side dishes than you can count, any kind of beer you desire. Oh, by the way, it's not brunch, it's called Frühschoppen. It's what Bavarians do on Sunday mornings, always before noon. But it's not just the food and drink that lure us there, it's the good company! Dozens of our favorite people from the Bavarian Sports Club Holzhackerbuam Schuhplattler Gruppe will be there to welcome us. When we're done eating, we'll go upstairs to dance on the wonderful wooden floor, learning new dances from one another. And continuing with snacking and beer tasting and socializing.

If that sounds like fun, give Edelweiss Vorplattler Eric Walker a call and sign up to join us at the Bavarian Sports Club Hall. You'll love it there and have a fun-filled day with all of us.

Sunday, Feb. 26.  Begins at 11 am.   Bavarian Sports Club Hall -- 2102 LaGrange St. -- Toledo, Ohio.  The Hall is at the corner of LaGrange and Moore. Enter the secure parking lot off of Moore St. 


We're meeting February 12! Here's the scoop! 

You've probably heard by now that the GACC has procured a lease on a building, and the GACC member clubs will be able to rent space. The February schedule has been set and Edelweiss is on it for Sunday, February 12, from noon to 4 pm. Dance group will meet from noon to 2 pm; general membership from 2 to 4pm.  The four hours will include: dance practice, dance group meeting & elections, Edelweiss meeting & elections, and socializing. Those attending may bring along their own beverages of choice and snacks--so be sure to pack something to enjoy (and remember to take your trash with you). There's no bar and nothing there to purchase.

The new GACC Hall is in the Amore Plaza at 40450 Hayes, Clinton Township, south of 18 Mile Road. It's just a couple miles from the former Carpathia Hall. The area has great parking close to the Hall. GACC members have been doing a lot of work to the interior, and you'll be impressed with how great the place has come along in just the month since the lease was signed. It's our new "home," and we're excited to get to be part of the GACC's new beginning. 

As we get the afternoon's schedule nailed down, this post will be updated.



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