Sunday, April 19 -- Weisswurst Essen! 

Will you be there?  Food, friends, fun -- what's not to like?  Enjoy Weisswurst along with soft Bavarian pretzels that are seldom found outside of Bavaria. The "right" Bavarian mustard completes the perfect Frühschoppen.  And of course, your favorite beer, including Weissbier, will be available at the bar.  $5 pays for the meal; bar is cash. And what would a Bavarian gathering be without some live music by our own Siasswasser Tanzlmusi?  Come enjoy a few hours with Edelweiss, starting at 11:30 am at the Carpathia Hall in the GACC room!

Patenbitten with Chiemgau Windsor Feb. 7 

We're excited to welcome our good friends from GTEV Chiemgau Windsor on Saturday, Feb. 7, 6-12 pm. They're coming to ask whether we'll be their Patenverein (sponsor) for their new flag. Edelweiss will have to make sure they're qualified to have a Vereinsfahne -- can they sing, dance, make music? Are they "Treu dem guten alten Brauch"? Will they be able to pass our clever tests?  And what surprises does Chiemgau have in store for Edelweiss??  Put on your boarisch Gwand and join us on Saturday at the Carpathia Hall for what will certainly be a great evening of Trachtenkameradschaft.  Note: This is a members-only event not open to the public.

Siasswasser Tanzlmusi CD Introduction 

Come join our terrific musicians as they introduce their wonderful CD "Aufs Tanzn bin i ganga" on Sunday, January 25, from 3-7 pm.  Siasswasser will be playing, live, some of the cuts from the album and more!  A delicious Brotzeit will be available, and the cash bar will be open to enjoy some Weissbier or other beverages. Bring yourself, your family, friends, and fellow music lovers to enjoy boarische Gemütlichkeit at its best!  Of course, the CD, with its 18 toe-tapping tunes, will be available for sale. And who knows, a little dancing may just break out.

Please join us in the GACC Room at Carpathia Hall, 38000 Utica Road, Sterling Heights. $5 donation at the door.  Reservations not required.


Sunday, Jan. 11 -- First Meeting of the Year! 

Happy New Year!

The first dance practice of the year starts at 11 am on Sunday. The first hour will be devoted to those who want to participate in Einzelpreisplatteln at this year's Gaufest. At noon, it'll be practice for the entire group.

3 pm - Meeting!  The meeting will include the yearly elections. So many positions to run for -- so few people willing to step up.  Are you someone who wants to help steer our great club? Every job is important since it affects how smoothly the club runs. Don't be shy. If you're interested, run for an office! 

Take a look at the calendar, there have been a couple of changes.  Two practices were cancelled as was the May meeting. New calendars will be printed up so you can hang it on your fridge.

See you Sunday!



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